Our Story

You’ve gotta wake up every morning and ask yourself, ‘How bad do you want it?’ How much work are you willing to put forth for the things and people you want and need in your life? Nothing great comes without effort. But we promise you that if it’s something of great meaning in your heart…EVERY risk, EVERY step and EVERY drop of sweat will be worth it.

Tomek  loves to tell stories. Especially the happy ones. He also loves unusual people with crazy ideas. That’s what fuels his creativity. Hunting for short lasting moments with his camera and cooking them in the edit suite brings a huge smile to his face.
He just can’t imagine doing anything else.

David has been with Cinematic Weddings team from the very beginning. His keen eye for detail contributed to many amazing pictures. His super friendly personality and ability to solve problems saved  the day many times during various film shoots.

Juraj is a technology junkie. He knows everything about equipment and new developments in the industry. There is always plenty of useful gadgets in his camera kit case. He is also our licensed drone pilot.

Happy is the boss at our office. She makes sure everyone eats well by doing her rounds during lunch time and sampling the food we consume. She’s also in charge of our breaks taking us for a walk whenever we need some fresh air. She loves her daily commuting when running along Tomek while he skates to and from the office.