Let’s shoot

Getting to know You

First, we promote active communication to try to get to know you a bit better in order to understand your unique characters and your story. We usually start with a couple of emails to figure out what type of people we’re dealing with. Then ideally, we arrange a face to face meeting to listen to your story and analyse the key moments in it.



Game plan

Scouting the locations is the next step. We need to know the lighting conditions and terrain layout for the camera setup. Next, it’s the time for brainstorming, planning and scripting. Yes scripting. Although, we don’t direct or reenact anything on your day, we put a short script (sequence of events) and a shot list together reflecting the most important moments. And in spite of the fact that a wedding is an unpredictable event, we go shooting with a solidly prepared plan of action.


On the day

We try to stay as invisible as possible so you and your guests can relax and don’t feel intimidated by surrounding you with cameras. For us, filming a wedding is like any other film production. You need to do your homework to get the desired result. It all takes time and as they say time is money. That’s why we’ll always try to tailor your story accordingly to your budget. Film production and all its aspects is not cheap. There is a lot of time and expensive equipment involved to provide highest level of sound and image. But it’s a life-time investment which will be cherished by you and the next generation which your story will give a beginning to.