We are different. We do it differently. And here is how…

There are quite a few aspects which make a significant difference in how your wedding film will turn out. Traditional wedding videographers shoot mainly from a tripod (offering largely motionless shots), use little to no post production techniques and simply transfer entire footage onto the DVD for you. As a result there is no story, just a raw footage from the day.

Here at Cinematic Weddings, we employ cinematic techniques and creative story telling to ensure that the finish is both poetic and filmic. We do this through the following:


A well told story can easily cut across age barriers. If well structured, this story will convey  an emotional charge which will make the viewing experience unforgettable. Filled with depth, meaning and magic. Simply unique. We make it our business to capture these little details that reflect your unique characters.

Our curiosity pushes us to constantly experiment with angles and techniques to get original images which will tell your story in a way that is both emotive and engaging. We use real cinema equipment such as steadicams and glide tracks that allows us to introduce a wide variety of high-end creative shots.

If you ever tried to mute your TV while watching a show you know how silly it looks. Well, it’s because audio is half of the movie viewing experience. That’s why on the day we use variety of external audio recorders and lapel microphones to ensure best quality of sound recording.

Even if the footage was shot with a top of the line camera, poor color balance and unfavourable lighting conditions can severely degrade the image. Color grading in post production can perform real magic. It’s the perfect technique not only to make the final film look beautiful, but also to add emotional depth to certain scenes.

Film editing is both an artistic and technical process. It’s by far the most time consuming part of the production.  We watch all the footage carefully to pick the most suitable shots based on the script we’ve prepared prior to the shoot. Careful consideration is placed on the balance of recorded audio, music selection, slow motion, transitions, and much more.

We strongly believe that the packaging of your cinematic story is as important as the story itself. That’s why we put maximum effort into creating unique Blue Ray/DVD covers, menus and labels, designed to suit your style and printed directly on the disc surface and laminated for a high qualityl finish. Personalized and unique.